Our Research into System Level Integration

At IAAPS we recognise the need for joined-up systems-level thinking – something which is often neglected in research. Developing systems rather than isolated technologies ensures we get the best out of current technologies, including those from other industries, and can lead to unexpected innovations.

The Hybrid Thermal Propulsion Systems Prosperity Partnership sees world-leading academics at IAAPS working with others at the University of Oxford and Jaguar Land Rover to reimagine the internal combustion engine for its changing role in the propulsion system.  The aim is that that, when combined with a matched hybrid energy recovery system, this ICE will be capable of powering electric vehicles from a liquid fuel at an equivalent or lower economic and environmental cost than if they were to be charged directly from the current EU average grid.

Other examples of our system level integration research include the APC-funded Speed-V project with McLaren on the integrated thermal management of hybrid powertrains, and the Low Cost Range Extender project led by Tata Motors in which IAAPS researchers delivered the multi-objective system optimisation.