Our Research on Future Fuels and Energy Conversion

At IAAPS we recognise that there is more than one way to achieve a carbon neutral propulsion system, and that zero emissions at the tailpipe do not guarantee a carbon neutral system. We are working with our partners, including BP, on future fuels and alternative energy carriers that have a carbon neutral cycle, are compatible with existing combustion engine technologies, and offer the possibility of decarbonising existing vehicles. This ability to see the bigger picture is what makes IAAPS stand out.

Whilst many future fuels could be used in conventional combustion engines, alternative energy conversion technologies offer opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce emissions at the tailpipe, improving urban air quality. At IAAPS we are excited by our ongoing research into electrochemical conversion systems, catalytic combustion for gas turbines, and our collaboration with GKN on a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and gas turbine hybrid concept.