Our Research into Energy Storage and Batteries

Improving batteries is key to accelerating widespread Electric Vehicle uptake, and there is so much we can do.  IAAPS brings together academics from across the University of Bath to address some of the key challenges in battery technology.

At the cell chemistry level our world-leading academics are working with others at the University of Oxford and Georgetown University (USA) on Enabling Next-Generation Batteries.  At the cell structure level our engineers are developing structural solid-state batteries which aim to structurally utilise the chemically active cell materials, eliminating the need for cell casing and so reducing cost and weight.

On the pack and vehicle level, our researchers are working with industrial partners to evaluate novel pack architectures such as multi-chemistry split packs.  We have a wealth of experience in pack dimensioning, management and multi-objective optimisation stretching back to our first studies on hybrid vehicles in 2010.