Our Research into Electrical Machines and Drives

Photo of an electric car charging

Our research into electric machines focuses on increasing efficiency and power density whilst reducing cost.  We are working on our own high-speed electric machine (30krpm) using nanocrystalline magnetic steel to achieve very low losses, as well as multi-phase traction motors and their fault tolerant control.

Our work with our partners aligns with innovations in pure electric vehicles and our research covers refinement, new motor technologies, systems integration. We work across our national and international networks to facilitate global collaborations.

Developed for the Isle of Man TT Zero motorcycle race, our in-house developed 250kW SiC MOSFET inverter is just 4L and 4kg, achieved in part by aggressive reduction of capacitance using CeraLink® capacitors and low-inductance current paths. Meanwhile our academics are working on disruptive architectures such as modular multi-level converters, and data fusion techniques to address sensor accuracy uncertainty.