IAAPS research

Academic rigour meets commercial focus

At IAAPS, our research deploys academic expertise and an industrial focus in world-class experimental facilities. We seamlessly blend simulation and experimental techniques to deliver the innovation and knowledge transfer required to accelerate the transition to sustainable and affordable powertrains and driver technologies.

The approach of the IAAPS team has always been to align with industry partners to solve the challenges of this constantly evolving and highly regulated landscape, applying academic rigour and lab-based precision to real-world driving scenarios.

IAAPS research aims to bridge the gap between the accuracy and repeatability of lab-based testing and the physical, on-road environment, delivering insights that provide long term, sustainable solutions to the future direction of the transport industry.

Electrical Machines & Drives

Electric Machines, Inverters and Power Electronics are at the heart of the modern propulsion system, and our research is pushing the boundaries in innovations in this key area of vehicle development.

Energy Storage and Batteries

We are working at all levels of battery technology, from cell chemistry to battery management, to improve performance and drive down cost.

Future Fuels and Energy Conversion

From synthetic electrofuels and bio-fuels to gas turbines and fuel cells, our research is at the forefront of alternative energy storage and energy conversion technologies.

Control, Calibration and Optimisation

A continuous focus of our research has always been optimal control. We apply state-of-the-art techniques at every level of the of powertrain and vehicle system.

Internal Combustion Engines & Advanced Boosting Systems

We have over 40 years’ experience conducting cutting edge research on the cleanest and most power dense combustion engines.

System level integration

Our dedication to systems level thinking means that architectural optimisation and systems integration is one of our greatest strengths.

Transmission and Driveline Technologies

The dramatic shift in modern powertrain technologies demands an accompanying shift in Transmission and Driveline Technologies. Our research portfolio spans CVTs to novel power-split devices.

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