Research Incubator ‘Batteries for Propulsion’ for an environmentally responsible future

03 January 2024

The Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems Centre for Doctoral Training (AAPS CDT) at the University of Bath is hosting a Research Incubator designed to identify and develop collaborative research opportunities around the theme of Batteries for Propulsion.

The week-long Incubator, held from 22nd to 26th January 2024 at Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, offers a collaborative opportunity for academia and industry to unite and develop research opportunities in thematic areas including Battery Design and Development, Battery Chemistry and Materials, Cost Reduction and the Lifecycle Assessment.

What can you expect from the Research Incubator?

Day one consists of a group discussion and idea generation in response to challenges in the sector. Over the next four days, participants will form into groups to delve into specific clusters of ideas and then turn those ideas into avenues of research. At the end of the incubator, teams will then present their findings and proposed research to the group.

Bringing together academia and industry, this incubator enables discussions and outputs addressing the technical, environmental and economic aspects of electric propulsion to include varied perspectives of interdisciplinary participants. This creates an inclusive and accessible environment for industry, senior academics, postgraduate students and other early-career academics to frame and discuss interesting research problems.

Outputs from the Incubator can include new PhD projects, joint academic-partner research proposals to the funding councils and short-term research projects, scoping projects and consultancy.

The ‘Batteries for Propulsion’ incubator is an in-person event and places are limited. To find out more and to reserve your place, visit the event booking page.

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03 January 2024