Professor Chris Brace discusses need for multidisciplinary engineering skills in ‘Future Vehicle’ article

21 February 2023

IAAPS Executive Director Professor Chris Brace has been featured in the January / February issue of Future Vehicle, the leading trade publication for the automotive engineering sector.

In the article, ‘Revolutionising engineering education’, Professor Brace argues that not only is the intensity of R&D changing at unprecedented speed, but the way engineers work must adapt accordingly, too. Explaining the need for multidisciplinary skills in the education of the next generation of engineers, he outlines how IAAPS, with its unique blend of research, education and commercial industry focus, is tackling the challenge.  

He identifies a disconnect between today’s existing skillsets and those needed to continue the pace of innovation in the wider mobility sector, which not only include technological R&D, but also an increased understanding of the risk and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) implications of global supply chains. “The mobility industry still needs the deep technical expertise that has been its cornerstone for more than 100 years and our universities continue to be amongst the world’s finest for producing these specialists,” he explains. “The challenge is that in a rapidly growing number of jobs, being a subject expert alone is no longer sufficient.”

Through IAAPS’ close integration with the University of Bath and its range of diverse and coordinated MA and PhD programmes that span the whole spectrum of technology trends, engineering education focuses on bringing different disciplines and groups together to develop the skills of the future.

“Our aim is to generate T-shaped engineers with deep subject-specific expertise that is complemented by an understanding of management techniques and adjacent disciplines”, says Professor Brace.

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21 February 2023