IAAPS to partner in £20m efficiency improvement research project

02 February 2021

IAAPS is pleased to announce the new Advanced Propulsion Centre/Innovate UK project Trident, led by Cummins Turbo Technologies and in collaboration with Aeristech and Holtex. The £20m project aims to bring forward efficiency improvements and reductions in CO2 emissions in the heavy-duty sector by optimising the air-handling systems for Diesel, Natural Gas and Fuel Cell propulsion systems.

Three people working at a computer with IAAPS logo on their tops

Dr Richard Burke, lecturer in Mechanical Engineering and IAAPS’ research projects lead, will be the principal investigator from IAAPS in the Trident collaboration. He said:

“It’s very exciting to be part of such an important project. It will help us further develop our expertise, bring real benefits to the automotive industry and ultimately drive down emissions as part of the wider effort to reach net zero CO2 by 2050

We will work closely with Cummins Turbo Technologies to help them understand how their turbocharger products work in a broader system, so that they can be fully optimised for a range of heavy-duty applications both on and off-road”

02 February 2021