IAAPS discusses decarbonisation of transport

10 November 2021

IAAPS Engineering Director Professor Rob Oliver and Business Development Manager Dr Omar Hadded participated in the recent South Gloucestershire Business Show which took place at the end of October at the Bristol & Bath Science Park, also the home of IAAPS’ new state-of-the-art facility.

During his presentation titled “Disruptive Innovation – Energy and Transport”, Dr Omar Hadded provided an overview of IAAPS and its ground-breaking R&I work which helps facilitate the decarbonisation of the transport sector. Dr Hadded elaborated on the wider context of climate change and the global challenge this poses, as well as the roadmap of the UK automotive and mobility industry generally and IAAPS’ role specifically to meet emissions goals and accelerate the transformation towards net zero.

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“The decade 2020 to 2030 will see some of the most innovative breakthroughs in engineering and digital technologies we have seen for decades, to progress towards the net zero goal. R&D skills, tools and development facilities must evolve at the same unprecedented pace as the introduction of new EV, Hybrid and Advanced Propulsion technologies being developed”, he said. The talk was well attended, and the engaged audience raised many pertinent questions around the changes and goals within the transport sector and how IAAPS, its new facility and team of world-leading experts is geared up to help meet them.

Meanwhile, Professor Rob Oliver took part in a roundtable discussion on ‘Decarbonising Transport’, made up of a high-calibre panel assembled from across all parts of the transport sector. The panellists provided different perspectives around sustainability and differing aspects of the decarbonisation challenge, from encouraging increased use of cycling paths to the major logistical challenges of large-scale freight transport to planning and local engagement and driver behaviour.

Professor Oliver gave an overview of some of IAAPS’ recent projects around decarbonisation, including work with Ford and Lightfoot, and summarised the main challenges the industry is facing specifically around the sustainable development of key modes of transport and possible solutions, including the role hydrogen can play in decarbonisation efforts.

“This is an incredibly exciting time to be involved in propulsion system research and innovation. While it is clear that very significant steps have been made in the decarbonisation of passenger cars via electrification, a significant challenge still exists in the LGV, HGV, shipping and air transport sectors. Without doubt, hydrogen has a part to play in these sectors, although there are still considerable challenges to be overcome. IAAPS is uniquely placed to collaborate with industry as we innovate to a low / zero carbon future,” he said.

The full roundtable discussion is now available to view on the South Gloucestershire Business Show’s Youtube channel

10 November 2021