Dr Aaron Costall to chair Electrified Engines for Euro 7 seminar

15 February 2022

Dr Aaron Costall, Associate Professor in Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems and responsible for turbocharger-related research and testing at IAAPS, is chairing a seminar on ‘Electrified Engines for Euro 7’ at the upcoming Future Propulsion Conference, taking place 2-3 March at the Motorcycle Museum in Solihull.

The session will run on Thursday, 3rd March from 12pm to 1.30pm in the Imperial Suite and will feature 15 minute presentations by key technology leaders followed by a Q&A discussion.

Session synopsis

We stand at the beginning of the electrified transport era, and though the end of the internal combustion engine has been widely publicised, implementing the goal of net zero carbon emissions can only be accelerated by optimising engine efficiency. In the near term, this also must be achieved while meeting the impending Euro 7 emissions legislation. And in this regard, electrification has much to offer combustion engines. The ‘Electrified Engines for Euro 7’ session covers research into Euro 7 calibration strategies, hybrid propulsion technologies, electric generators for novel engine configurations, as well as renewable fuels, demonstrating the synergies between engines and electrification.



  • Stefan Scheidel, AVL – “Calibration methods to achieve EU7”
  • Pauline Dumont, Delta Cosworth – “Catalytic Generator – A Low-Emission Solution to Accelerate Electrification”
  • Sam Cockerill, Libertine FPE – “intelliGEN – Linear Generator platform technology for advanced combustion with renewable fuels in hybrid powertrain applications”
  • Richard Osborne, Ricardo – “De-Fossilizing the ICE Vehicle Fleet with Sustainable Fuels – A Vital Net-Zero Pathway”.

15 February 2022