Chris Brace among winners

11 November 2021

IAAPS Academic Director Professor Chris Brace has been awarded the 2021 FISITA Academy of Technical Leadership Prize, which was announced at the FISITA (International Federation of Societies of Automotive Engineers) World Mobility Summit held virtually on 10th November 2021. He is among just ten hand selected winners of this prestigious accolade, including other highly revered engineering professionals from across the automotive industry.

The FISITA Academy of Technical Leadership has been established to create a unique status within the automotive and mobility systems engineering community, through which outstanding achievers can be acknowledged and recognised for their commitment and contribution to the technology of mobility.

The FISITA Academy endorsement delivers FISITA recognition and status for the world’s leading technology experts, as hand-picked on an annual basis by the FISITA President Nadine Leclair and an international team of advisors.

“This unique status launches at a time of significant technological advancement as the traditional automobile industry rapidly evolves. Technology and technologists are leading this evolution, with the technology of mobility creating a high demand for the engineering capability required to progress the connected, autonomous, smart, clean and safe mobility solutions of today and tomorrow”, a statement by FISITA said.

“I’m delighted to be receiving this award. Throughout my professional career, I have been working on collaborative projects with industry, bringing our research into an industrial setting and generating real world impact. And that, over the whole time, has given me immense satisfaction. It is an honour to be recognised, especially among such a high-calibre of esteemed engineers and fellow recipients of this award,” said Professor Brace.

11 November 2021