Connecting to WiFi

Available Wi-Fi networks

There are a number of Wi-Fi networks available at IAAPS. IAAPS corporate devices are configured to automatically connect to the IAAPS network. For other devices:

  • Staff and students should connect to the 'eduroam' network
  • Visitors from other Eduroam supporting organisations should connect to the ‘eduroam’ network.
  • Visitors from other organisations should connect to the 'IAAPS-Guest' network


Connecting to Wi-Fi as a member of staff or student

eduroam is a free, global Wi-Fi service for IAAPS & University of Bath staff and students. You can also use it at many other organisations around the world. If you are visiting from another organisation which uses eduroam, you can connect to the service here using your own university login details.

eduroam is subject to the IAAPS Network Acceptable Use Policy and the eduroam (UK) Policy.

To connect to eduroam, you need:

  • your IAAPS/University email address, like, or
  • your IAAPS password


Connecting to Wi-Fi as a visitor

If you are visiting IAAPS you can use the 'IAAPS-Guest' network.

This network is for visitors and guests who cannot use eduroam. Bandwidth is limited to help ensure a fair service for all visitors. If you are visiting from another organisation that uses eduroam, see 'Connecting to Wi-Fi as a student or member of staff' on this page for a faster connection.

You will need to register to use ‘IAAPS-Guest’.

You will be provided with a code in order be able to register. If you have not received this, please speak to your IAAPS host.

You do not need a University email address to connect.


Connect to WiFi Guest

  1. Open the Wi-Fi settings on your device
  2. Select 'IAAPS-Guest' from the list
  3. Once you are connected, open your web browser and refresh the page. Your browser may open automatically
  4. If you have not already registered, click the link at the bottom of the page to be able to fill in your details and register.
  5. Once you have received a registration code (by email), click Log In and enter the provided username/password
  6. Click OK and you will be connected to the IAAPS guest network