Working at IAAPS

How could you be involved?

Working with a highly collaborative and cross-disciplinary team

At IAAPS, we seek to attract and select the brightest minds to be part of our growing, talented team.

As a dynamic SME operating at the forefront of future low carbon mobility, everyone’s contribution matters and makes a real difference to what we achieve together. You will get involved in a host of ground-breaking and industry-leading projects, working closely with our Operations, Academic and Engineering teams to help shape not only the success of the business but also accelerate the transition from low carbon to zero carbon vehicles.

"I enjoy the challenge and the vision we have as an organisation and the prospect of being involved in projects that will have a major impact on the way we manage the climate crisis and how we live in the near future. It’s important to work in a place where you believe in what you do, and you feel the passion everyone has for their roles."

Kristina Burke — Project Manager, IAAPS

Kristina Burke