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Developing technologies and methodologies

At IAAPS we are developing technologies and methodologies to support highly efficient and more affordable propulsion systems that are capable of powering future vehicles using electric drive, hydrogen, hybrids as well as alternative and low CO2 fuels, pushing the limits of propulsion technology. Our team is using cutting-edge simulation, purpose-built facilities and novel research tools for analysis and optimisation of powertrain and vehicle related components and systems.

From small, one-off projects through pioneering pilot schemes to long-term strategic partnership and consultation work, our multi-disciplinary, specialist team of engineers and academics can help solve your business challenges and pain points, offering bespoke solutions from early conceptualisation to practical application and market-ready launches.

Expertise in all propulsion types

We conduct research and conceptual work into novel high-speed, multi-topology e-motors, energy storage and battery packs, power electronics as well as efficiency improvement and thermal management of novel IC engine concepts, transmissions and eDrives. Our work also covers the application of future fuels and energy conversion systems, including hydrogen and fuel cells, for a wide range of propulsion applications and sectors.

Simulation and modelling

We conduct research using 1D/3D powertrain and cooling systems simulation and modelling through to full facility “Digital Twin” methodology development. One solution for conducting such simulation activities is through AVL’s University Partnership Program, which gives us access to its full set of simulation applications.

In addition, our work encompasses power electronics simulation (Saber & Spice toolkit), e-machine concept creation and simulation using a combination of commercial and in-house toolchain, energy storage concepts and multi-chemistry battery simulations, through to Simulink vehicle drive cycle simulation and control systems analysis & optimisation.

Gearbox, Transmission and e-Drive

We have extensive experience covering both conventional and novel transmission technology. Our capability extends across high-speed EDU, automatic, novel CVT and powershift systems including efficiency development in conventional and e-Drive technology for EVs and HEVs. We work with partners on a range of research projects from shift quality optimisation of EV transmission and drives through to integrated motor and transmission cooling systems.

Enhancing systems efficiency

We also specialise in advanced data analysis techniques for system optimisation and stochastic models of energy use and system state through to integration of energy management and e-Drive systems. Our research expertise covers improved models of human driver behaviour and real time driver feedback through to dyno connected driver in the loop.

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