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Cost-effective and market-ready solutions

With ever stricter emission standards and legislation coming into force around the world, the onus is on off-highway vehicle (OHV) manufacturers to respond with novel low and zero carbon propulsion solutions to power the large and diverse range of off-highway construction and agricultural machinery. IAAPS is collaborating with a number of OHV manufacturers and industry partners to develop fully electrified, hydrogen fuelled or hybrid OHVs, evaluating the commercial viability and technical feasibility of each approach and developing effective strategies to bring innovative and cost-competitive solutions to market.

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Overcoming economic and technological challenges

Depending on the size, vehicle type and its application, different OHV types require different technological approaches, while economic viability, charging infrastructure and total cost of ownership (TCO) remain key challenges and considerations. With comprehensive and specialist expertise across vehicle electrification, hybrid systems and hydrogen propulsion technologies, IAAPS is able to support the OHV sector with research and bespoke test methodologies.

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