On course to a carbon free future

We innovate technology concepts to transform the shipping industry

Global marine authorities are mandating greener drive solutions, especially in closed areas such as marinas and city waterways. Technology has a key role to play in achieving an aggressive reduction in COand IAAPS is ideally positioned to support industry as it transitions to new technologies.

Measures to improve the energy efficiency of marine vessels as well as the development of alternative fuel applications, hydrogen power and electrification are all part of the solution. At IAAPS, we are able to apply our expertise and innovative technology concepts to the marine segment and help clients achieve this goal.

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Next generation of green technology

Drawing on our experience in supporting the automotive industry, we are actively engaging in projects investigating key technologies, including the application of sustainable fuels and enabling rapid deployment of hybrid powertrains across these sectors.

IAAPS is currently involved in a number of flagship projects such as the development of innovative emission free hybrid marine powertrains CHAMP (Clean Hybrid Alternative Marine Powertrains) and working with partners on the fundamental research projects investigating the suitability of sustainable fuels. While we recognise the need to transitions to zero emission propulsion technologies, we also have the capability to support maritime organisations in the transition of their fleets and significantly reduce emissions throughout the platform lifecycle.

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We are a collaborator of choice for sustainable partnerships underpinned by first-class infrastructure and one of the world's most highly respected and experienced propulsion research and engineering teams. 
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