Decarbonising aviation

Developing novel aircraft propulsion technology

Building on our established relationship and affiliation with the automotive industry, IAAPS is ideally placed to support the development of new technical solutions and their integration into commercial aviation applications across the air mobility sector. Aviation has become a key area of expansion for IAAPS, having forged fruitful partnerships with leading names in the sector. 

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Applied research, diagnostics and optimisation

We undertake fundamental and applied research, diagnostics, performance evaluation and optimisation across a range of aerospace applications to provide reliable evidence to reduce commercial, technical and environmental risks, with our capabilities spanning from hydrogen, hybrid electric to all-electric propulsion.

Our current project pipeline includes the airborne monitoring of ground traffic behaviour for hidden threats by autonomous sensor platforms; the safe integration of Unmanned Air Mobility (UAM) in non-segregated airspaces and the development of an analytical framework for understanding the behaviours of multiple unmanned aerial aircraft.

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We are a collaborator of choice for sustainable partnerships underpinned by first-class infrastructure and one of the world's most highly respected and experienced propulsion research and engineering teams. 
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