Our mission

Solving industry challenges

We take real world problems from industry and utilise our expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to solve those challenges

Our approach is experimentally intensive, analytically demanding and highly collaborative. Our team is globally recognised for its competence and industry-focused R&I, and we work inclusively and flexibly with our partners to provide detailed analytical and experimental evaluation and solutions. By stepping back from problems to explore the challenges and their engineering interpretation, we deliver quality insights, structured test programs and solid results to our partners.

We've spent the last 40-plus years in pursuit of smarter and cleaner engines, powertrains and driver technologies

Our award-winning systems-based research is acknowledged internationally. The challenges have changed over time, but we have innovated and shifted with the industry to provide skills and applications that continuously adapt to and align with evolving needs.

IAAPS focuses as much on the ‘what’ as on the ‘how’. This includes the development of new processes and simulation techniques, education and upskilling in new areas of technology and encouraging cooperation between innovators and those application engineers and technicians who can help realise their ideas.

We offer industrial, academic and research partners confidential project management and world-class expertise with a strong focus on collaborative research and support for business incubation and SME growth as well as graduate and postgraduate education and skills development.


A new generation of design and development tools

The requirement for so many new technologies places tremendous pressure on timescales, resources and budgets, so the development of new tools and techniques is a vital component of product innovation. IAAPS aims to accelerate the development of existing and new technologies without compromising robustness, durability or cost considerations.

Within IAAPS, we develop ways to quickly design and validate all-new technologies to the same high standards expected by our most demanding customers. New tools are developed that facilitate the tightest possible physical and control integration of complementary technologies into a single, highly efficient system that is as simple as possible to manufacture, and at a sensible cost. These new design and development techniques will be both physical and virtual, with particular care taken to ensure seamless correlation between the real and virtual worlds.

Economic impact of IAAPS

Independent research conducted by Warwick Economics, the Department of Economics at Warwick University, has predicted that IAAPS will stimulate £67m in additional R&D investment within 5 years of opening. It will drive an additional turnover of £800m within the UK automotive sector alone.

IAAPS will contribute £221m in additional Gross Value Added for the UK economy and support around 1900 new jobs across the supply chain within the UK. Once operational to full scale, IAAPS will directly employ approximately 190 people and is expected to stimulate the creation of around 400 additional highly productive jobs within the region, promoting further regional economic development and engagement.

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We are a collaborator of choice for sustainable partnerships underpinned by first-class infrastructure and one of the world's most highly respected and experienced propulsion research and engineering teams. 

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