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Research as a service to industry

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Our ethos and guiding principle is ‘research as a service to industry’.

Our mission is to create the technologies, tools and systems needed in the transition to clean, affordable and sustainable mobility.

Following the completion of our new £70 million research and development facility in the UK, IAAPS is set to rank among the top three independent R&I centres of its type in the world.

IAAPS is able to combine cross-sector academic rigour with commercial focus to support industry in the development and validation of zero carbon propulsion technologies for integration into commercial applications.

We recognise that not only the technologies are changing faster than ever before, but that in order to facilitate this rapid transition, the industry also needs new areas of know-how, new development tools, more skills and new ways of nurturing innovation and collaboration.

At IAAPS, we work with industry leaders, inventors, innovators, researchers and academics to challenge the status quo and deliver ground-breaking R&I to accelerate the adoption of cross-sectoral zero emission propulsion technologies and systems.

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We are a collaborator of choice for sustainable partnerships underpinned by first-class infrastructure and one of the world's most highly respected and experienced propulsion research and engineering teams. 

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Our funders

The Institute for Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems has been funded by the University of Bath, the UK Research Partnership Investment Fund and the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership through the Local Growth Fund, administered by the West of England Combined Authority.

Our funders